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46 Einträge
Oli&Vlad schrieb am 29 April 2018 um 15 h 53 min:
we loved the tour! food was delicious, dolphins got really close and once we got away from all the other boats vimal told us a lot about the animals, the island, sailing, fishing and the ocean. It was super interesting and over all a fantastic experience!
Bruna S , Germany aus Bruna S , Germany schrieb am 8 Juni 2017 um 8 h 57 min:
I made this tour with my husband and I was really excited about seen the dolphins, even though I cant swim I was really happy to get near them. I read in some other reviews (not sure if it was from Adriens) that it would be a animal hunt, what made me unsure about this trip, but I was really thankfull to see that they do it in a really safe way for the Dolphins. They go to the place where they should be and wait, when they find them, they get the closer they can with the motor on, and then turn it off. My husband was really lucky and he was like 30cm away from them in the water and I got to take some pics from them when they came up. The food they serve in the boat is really nice and well served, clean and well refrigerated. The food we eat at the beach is also REALLY nice. Me and my husband were satysfied. The team: the guys we had were really cool! we hade a really great time with them. They do a really good job, are really friendly and professionals. So.. this is an amazing tour wich I would reapeat if I have a chance... Great service!!
Ula,S aus Ula, S schrieb am 21 März 2017 um 19 h 35 min:
Adrien's Dream is the best choice in Mauritius if you want to spend a great dat swimming with the dolphins. We booked our trip online in advance and had discount which is also great. The staff was very attentive and did their best to spot the dolphins. I was lucky to see a few of them underwater. Amazing experience. "This review is the subjective opinion of a TripAdvisor member "
MattPD1 aus MattPD1 schrieb am 19 Februar 2017 um 10 h 45 min:
Brilliant dolphin trip We went with Adrien's Dream on a trip to see and swim with the Dolphins. It was run brilliantly. Safety was of paramount importance with the crew. They were informative and very caring towards the Dolphins and their habitat. We swam with the Dolphins too, but the boat was kept away from them for their protection. A brilliant trip.. well recommended. "This review is the subjective opinion of a TripAdvisor member "
Shilpa schrieb am 29 November 2016 um 16 h 03 min:
My 9 year old daughter and I experienced life changing moments with Adrien's Dream! After waking up very early, we both dived straight into a real-life dream! Arnold and Hensley were amazing guides with professional approach and unlimited patience. Hensley did not hesitate to dive in with my daughter, he took her all the way to where the dolphins were swimming, it was a magical moment for her, her very first time in deep sea! She felt safe with his personne swimming by her side, not once let go of her hand. The Grand bleu has showed us how peaceful the unexplored side of our planet is. I cannot thank the Team enough for making us dream with eyes wide open!!
David aus David O. schrieb am 17 November 2016 um 2 h 26 min:
awsome experience with the dolphins. Worth the money and to wake up early. https://youtu.be/IkpI8EQ40Jo