Crystal Dream – 8hrs Trip

The west coast have so much to show! And we are longing to show it to you! Join us with your Family & Friends!

1-5 Pax – Rs 7,800

  • Embarkation at 08 30, Anna Beach, FEF.
  • Itinerary & Security Briefing by Crew
  • Own Snorkeling Gears recommended
  • Swim with dolphins for the 1st hour.
  • Snorkeling time at La Preneuse.
  • Appetizer Served on board. Lunch on beach at Benitiers Island.
  • Stop for a swim at the Crystal Rock.
  • Back at Flic en Flac at 16:30
    • 1300 ₨
    • 300 ₨
    • 200 ₨
    • 900 ₨


Appetizer Starter Main Course Dessert
Smoked Marlin Salad Marinated Chicken
Classic BBQ Menu chicken bechamel Fish Salad Grilled Lamb chops Carmelized Banana
Potato chutney Gato piment chicken franks
Rice Salad
Potato chutney Veg Skewers
VEG BBQ Menu Eggplant Tapenade Rice Noodle Salad Grilled Maize Chops Carmelized Banana
Tomato & Mozarella Sauteed Potatoes
Rice Salad