Safety, Adrien’s Dream’s priority

Our passenger’s safery is our solemn concern. Adrien’s Dream wants to reassure its passengers that we stick to a strict protocol, in compliance with our guidelines and the Tourism Authority’s rules and regulations.

Life jackets, safety briefings… All is set to allow you to spend a safe journey on board during your excursion trip with us.

Security equipment

At Adrien’s Dream, each boat is licensed, checked and insured as required by the Tourism Authority. Life jackets, fire extinguisher, first aid kit and lifebuoys are also available on board.

Our engines and equipment are purchased from and serviced by local authorized dealers. We use solely genuine parts in order to guarantee your safety while travelling with us along the West coast of Mauritius. We also wish to insist that all interventions are performed by or supervised by the manufacturers’ certified technicians.

Quality is critical for our activities.

A qualified team for your safety

We also ensure that our staffs meet all the requirements for their respective job and provide them with training as much as needed, even during their employment. Our skippers are licensed by the Tourism Authority and are certified life savers by the Mauritius Scuba Diving Association (MSDA).

Our team has also taken part in an emergency awareness and preparedness program. Above all this, we ensure that each member of Adrien’s Dream staff receives the appropriate certificates from designated local authorities in order to share their know-how with you.

A safety briefing will be made with each batch of visitors before leaving Flic-en-Flac on our speed boat.
To us, your safety is invaluable.

They are helping us ensure your safety:

  • Tourism Authority
  • Mauritius Scuba Diving Association
  • The International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS)