Dolphin Expedition

2H – Dolphin Boat Trip Excursion – Flic en Flac Mauritius – Observation of dolphins for only Rs 800/person.

Normal Price : Rs 1300/person.

This excursion is suitable for anyone who is not willing to spend a whole day on a boat or who visits Mauritius on a short stay. Being engaged in the activity for only two hours, allow participants to enjoy the rest of their day through a land sightseeing tour.  An early start will enable us to be one of the first boats to reach the dolphins and find them in a more receptive mood toward boats and swimmers.

Summer Sales Dolphin

Book your 2H Dolphin trip now with danish pastry,Tea, Coffee or Home-made juice on board – Normal Price : Rs 1300/- per person

Good to know about dolphins :
Spinner Dolphin :
These small seized dolphin measure up to 2mts and weighs about 75kg. They live in pods of 25 to 100 individuals. They feed exclusively on small surface fishes and squids. They usual go fishing at the end of the day and at night. They come back to bays in the early morning to rest and socialize. They have a dark grey back and pale grey, almost white belly. The often jump out of the water and spin, which gave them their name.
The bottle nose dolphin :
These can measure up to 2 to 3mts at adulthood and can weigh up to 200kg. They live not far from the coasts in groups of a few individuals. They are curious and get close to boats. They have a uniform pale grey color.  We can also meet on cetaceans along the Mauritian coasts
The Pilot Whale / The spotted dolphin / The Sperm Whale / The humpback Whale

Enjoy the Summer Sales on our Dolphin trips : Rs 800 per person, instead of Rs 1300/person. Book your dolphin trip now


  • Embarcation of passengers as from 07 :15
  • Security Briefing
  • Going to meet the Dolphins  for observation (If ever the conditions are favorable, there is the possibility of swimming with the Dolphins so why not book the Sunrise Crystal dream where you can swim with the dolphins and having lunch at ‘Ile aux Bénitiers’ afterwards for only Rs 2000/per person)
  • Back to Flic en Flac beach at 09 :15

Our Menu

  • Tea, Coffee or Home-made juice onboard
  • Pain aux raisins ou pain au chocolat

Our Prices - Dolphin Excursion

  • Rs 1300 per person
    Summer Sales Dolphin

    Book your 2H Dolphin trip now with danish pastry,Tea, Coffee or Home-made juice on board. Normal Price : Rs 1300/person

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